Organizational Capability

South Asian Marrow Association of Recruiters, Inc. (SAMAR), a nonprofit organization established in 1992, is a community based partner of Be The Match Registry® which is maintained by the National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP) and proudly celebrates 20 years of service in 2012!

Our goal is to educate and recruit potential marrow/blood stem cell donors in order to add racially and ethnically diverse genetic typing to the registry, thereby increasing the chances for patients of finding a marrow/blood stem cell match for transplant. We do this by working alongside the family and friends of patients in need of a transplant and conducting marrow registry drives all across the United States in order to register volunteer marrow/blood stem cell donors.

Our focus is the South Asian community and other minority groups, such as African Americans, Asian/Pacific Islanders, Hispanics, Native Americans and people of multiracial backgrounds. Having devised and pioneered a variety of effective educational methodologies based on cultural sensitivities of diverse communities, SAMAR has the unique distinction of having successfully recruited the largest number of South Asians registrants to the Be The Match Registry® and we continue to be in the lead in improving lives of patients who need a matched marrow/blood stem cell transplant.

SAMAR has become the global resource for donors. Our efforts become all the more valuable as SAMAR’s donors are matching patients in countries all over the world such as Europe and Asia. This is especially significant in nations like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and most African and Middle Eastern countries which do not have viable registries of their own and depend heavily on SAMAR donors.

Since marrow donors are needed worldwide, Rafiya Peerbhoy Khan, President of SAMAR, initiated and assisted in developing a registry in India.

The Be The Match Registry has:

  • 12 Million Donors in the registry
  • Partnerships with international and cooperative registries provide doctors with access to 22.5 million potential donors
  • Facilitated 61,000 transplants since 1987


Racial Distribution of donors in the registry:

  • Caucasians – 65%
  • African American – 7%
  • Hispanic – 10%
  • Asian/Pacific Islander – 7% (South Asian – 3%)
  • Native American – 1%
  • Other/Multiracial – 4%

As of 2014 SAMAR has:

  • Worked with 360 patients,
  • Conducted almost 3300 registry drives in 42 states
  • Facilitated 123 actual marrow/blood stem cell transplants from its recruitment efforts for patients in 14 countries around the world
  • Registered over 93,000 potential donors
  • 5 SAMAR Donors have donated the necessary cells to patients in India